Review: “Seeds”

This week, on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: While investigating a problem at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, Coulson and Melinda turn up unexpected information about Skye’s parents.


General Thoughts

Diego: This wasn’t that bad! Though I’m more forgiving when watching live. And now, living in the US means I watch it without subtitles. Which means I miss dialogue, so maybe that’s why I like it…

Fine, sorry, I’ll stop. I did say I enjoy it. The FX were good, every character had something to do, the attempts at humor were better (I laughed a lot at the “Agent Ward and I have been having se–.” “I got him”.). Even the cliché Jocks vs. Nerds of the SHIELD academy was handled quite nicely, with the rivalry acknowledged, and some friendly ribbing, but both sides recognizing they need each other. Ward was fine as the main investigator, Fitz and Simmons fit quite nicely in that environment, and the first one had a good side plot of connecting with Donnie Gill/Blizzard. I liked that they mentioned Bucky Barnes (nothing’s a coincidence), although I’m not sure why he would be on the SHIELD wall. I was under the impression it didn’t exist back then. Care to help me out, Matt?

Finally, glad to see another possible villain on the Fridge, but I found the way he got his “powers” to be a bit… lame. I know, standard science-experiment-gone-wrong, it happened with the Hulk, and all that… But it kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

Matt: After the disappointment of last episode’s “epic answers”, this was actually pretty enjoyable. I must admit, that I am a bit saddened by the fact that I am now more intrigued by Skye then I am about Coulson. I liked that we saw Fitz and Simmons’s old school. How inadequate SHIELD is baffles me though. How is this the same organization in charge of containing the Hulk and going toe to toe with Asgardians? Please. I know I have said that the show is now on the right track, but I think it still is, but with many many many MANY MANY MANY pit stops.

The main kid – Jack’s son in LOST.

Laura: This was actually a fairly strong episode, in my opinion. It focused heavily on the backstories of the agents and (more subtly) their relationships, which makes for a pleasant change. We learned a lot about Skye’s origin – namely, she might not be human! is what I took away from that – and finally saw a bit of SHIELD Academy. Seeing the Academy, and learning about Fitz, Simmons, and Ward’s experiences there helps to broaden the world of the show. While it somewhat seemed like high school for SHIELD potential recruits, it actually made a lot of sense when paired with Fitz and Simmons personalities and mannerisms. And when paired with how inadequate the SHIELD of this show seems to be compared to the movies. But oh well.

I thought it was funny to see Cathica (if that’s how her name is spelled) from Doctor Who’s “The Long Game” in this episode, especially considering I just rewatched that episode last week!



Diego: We three would probably suck in a reality show — we all agree with each other too much. Like Laura, the increased focus on characters helped the episode. I also forgot to talk about Skye above. What’s your read, guys? Depending how they handle it, I’m not sure I like it. I’m not a fan of characters with “innate” powers, or powers they were destined to have. For example, the two separate Spider-man film series. On the first one, Peter getting bitten by a spider was an accident, and what he decided to do after that set the story. On the new one, Peter’s bitten, but his father had done the research on that spider, and collaborated with Oscorp, and hinted at Peter being the key to solve blablablabla. I like Skye as a character that rose above her upbringing as an orphan, educated herself and ended up as one of the top hackers in the world. Now that she was special all along… not sure how I feel about that.

Also, of course you guys would pick on the Lost and Doctor Who connections!

Matt: Haha, if any of you reading know the three of us at all, you should all find it quite funny that I found the Lost reference, and that I missed the Doctor Who one. Thanks for pointing that out to me Laura!!

Diego – I actually missed the Bucky reference when I watched. In the comics SHIELD existed then, Fury was around in WWII with Dum Dum etc. In the MCU, that’s not the case. My guess is that Bucky was found by the Russians during the SHIELD era, and they tried to keep a lid on it from Captain, which I guess they will explore in the sequel.

Laura: I knew about the Lost reference, thank you very much. I’ve seen Dylan Minnette in so many things now that I recognized him right off the bat, even with the haircut! 

About Skye, I’m not sure the idea was that she has this innate hacker ability in her. I took it more to mean that there could be something special about her, but it hasn’t revealed itself yet. They never said anything about the baby actually seeming like it was worth the special alert, which I feel they would’ve done if Skye had revealed her “specialness” already. But I could be wrong.

Parting Thoughts

Diego: A step in the right direction, in this first post-Coulson-“reveal” world. Paul Lee, ABC’s president, acknowledged some growing pains and promised the rest of the season is better, but of course, he has to. Much better is Todd VanDerWerff’s cautious optimism after a set visit. With more characters coming into the mix soon, and things kicking into high gear as we approach the end, here’s hoping Agents of SHIELD rises to an acceptable level.

Matt: We are on life support now. They are bringing in the Generalismo, my favorite female of the Marvel Universe, and the dude from Apollo 13 and Twister. Let’s hope it works

Laura: Again, this was better. Still not at the level I would like, but I generally liked all the characters this episode. The plot was much better, the pacing was very good, the small details that make up a world were all there. Much better overall. 


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